Our Staff

Students are supported by a professional, dedicated and committed teaching staff, who constantly seek to encourage students to realise their potential.

At St Agnes our philosophy is to work in partnership with parents in the education of your children. Our goal is to nurture students to be people of compassion, confidence, competence, creativity, conscience - with the conviction of faith to transform our world.

If you would like to contact a member of staff please feel free to contact St Agnes by phone on 8882 0700 weekdays or send us an email.

School Leadership Team
Ms Lisa-Maree Browning Principal
Mr Kenneth Wolffe Assistant Principal
Mr Harry Sadsad Head of Mission (Acting)
Mrs Antoinette Meade Head of Wellbeing & Diversity
Mr Geoffrey Kemmis Head of Learning
Mrs Prue Excell Counsellor


Stage Coordinators
Stage 4 Ms Elizabeth Gale
Stage 5  Mr John Murphy
Stage 6 Mr John Cruickshank


Learning Mentors

Learning Mentor: Year 7 Mr Patrick Madigan
Leaning Mentor: Year 8 Miss Josiah Raad
Learning Mentor: Year 9 Mrs Nicole Tomich
Learning Mentor: Year 10 Mr Christopher Chavez


 Homeroom Teachers

7.1 Juenelle Juarez 8.1 Luigi Zucco  9.1 Shanti Chand  10.1 Anneke Reemst 11.1 Linda Hicks
7.2 Chantelle Angileri 8.2 Kristen Brackenbury 9.2 Virginie Nash 10.2 Jubilee Bedi 11.2 Shobna Shyam
7.3 Christine Payne 8.3 Nicole Calka 9.3 Raj Kumar 10.3 Pam Kehal 11.3 Gregory Devine
7.4 Jenet Chapman 8.4 Melissa Devine 9.4 Christopher Shanahan 10.4 Rebecca Cruickshank 11.4 Aroona Naidoo
7.5 Bernard Mangion 8.5 Harry Sadsad 9.5 Cassandra Millwood 10.5 Ashleigh Henderson 11.5 Christopher Azzopardi
7.6 Melissa Woods 8.6 Joanne Penna 9.6 Eliza Clark 10.6 Rajend Singh  
7.7 Meret Fraser 8.7 Gavin Hilder 9.7 Adam Scarpin 10.7 Tahlia Hitchcock  
7.8 Ellen Pauperis 8.8 Luke Dempsey 9.8 Stephanie Stellas 10.8 Saroja Dass  
  8.9 Denise Davidson  




Positions of Responsibility
Mr Gavin Hilder Instructional Coach
Mr Harry Sadsad
Religious Education (RE) (Acting)
Mrs Christine Payne English
Mr Laurence De Martin
Mrs Pam Kehal
Mr Christopher Azzopardi
Human Society & Its Environment (HSIE)
Ms Anneke Reemst Language Other Than English (LOTE) /
Creative & Performing Arts (CAPA)
Mr Adam Scarpin Technical & Applied Sciences (TAS) (Acting)
Mr Greg Devine Physical Development /Health /Physical Education (PDHPE)
Ms Jo-Anne Penna
Learning Support
Ms Linda Hicks English as a Second Language (ESL)


Additional Teaching Staff
Rajesh Kumar TAS
Jenet Chapman Maths/RE


Support Staff
Kelly Pickett Business Manager
Annette O'Keeffe Principal's Secretary
Lorraine Phillips
Lorraine Bailey

Susan Hagarty
Natalie DeLuca
Kerri Bradbury

Vanessa Bettiol Administration Assistant to Leadership
Cherie Borthistle Uniform Shop
Francine Norton Canteen Manager
Sandra Shaw
Janet Green
Maree Copping
Marie Vella
Sharon Deveridge
Naomi Campkin
Teachers' Aides
Sharon Berman
Hanna Brogan
Library Assistants
Nola Balzan Food Technology Assistant
Frank Zenati Maintenance