Parent Teacher Interviews

Your son/daughter will receive the Semester 1 Report on Monday 23 July 2018 during a Parent/Teacher interview with their Learning Advisor. This interview, which your child will lead, is a great opportunity for you to obtain feedback and address any areas of concern regarding his/her progress this year.

Students will not attend lessons during the day, however, they will be required to attend school to receive their reports, then to have a 20 minute interview with you and their Leaning Advisor to discuss their progress. You will need to arrive 15 minutes prior to the interview time to receive and read your child's Semester 1 Report.

To book your interview time, click on the following link

You will then be asked to enter your email address and then your name and child's. This information is only used as a confirmation of your booking. Click on the appropriate Year group and please only make 1 booking with the Learning Advisor.

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