Good Friday Night Walk

fridaynigt walk

On Good Friday evening (April 19), several of our students accompanied by Ms Josiah Raad, participated in the annual Good Friday Night Walk coordinated by Catholic Youth Parramatta. Starting at Our Lady Queen of the Family Parish, Blacktown at 10pm, over 1300 young people walked 20 Kilometres to St Patrick’s Cathedral Parramatta, making stops at several parishes in Seven Hills, Toongabbie, Wentworthville and Westmead to allow time to reflect, pray and rest.

Please find below some reflections by our students who participated in this event.

A Recap of the night from students.

2019 Good Friday Night Walk. WOW. This was not only a fun experience where you got to meet new people and connect with God, but it was also very touching.

I was really excited and really wanted to do this walk, not only cause my friends were with me but because I could go and follow within the steps of the Lord and was able to have a connection throughout the night, being able to do the walk was something big, as I find myself a very faithful person and will take any chance to spend another chance closer to the lord.

Throughout the approximately 8hr walk, in the late hours of the night and early hours of the morning you experienced so much from the touching hymns to the deep testimony, you felt that feeling that you were walking with Jesus, at the beginning you were feeling the need of just dropping cause you think about how far you have to walk, but through it all it came to the middle of the walk and you really start enjoying it, it’s another level of experience to experience. It came to 6am and we had arrived at Parramatta, we were all still trying to keep our eyes open but we pulled through and I’ve never been more thankful in the lord.

My biggest highlights throughout the night was being apart of a wider community and connecting through different perspectives from every church we arrived at. I would 100% encourage anyone who is devoted to their faith, - By Bianca Fragomelli (Year 10)

The reason why I wanted to do the walk is because I wanted to experience what Jesus had gone through for 40 days of lent and how he sacrificed his life for us and by doing this walk it’s one way I could repay him for taking his life so that all of our sins could be taken away. He showed us love and protection and I wanted to show my love to Jesus and how I can follow his footsteps.

In the beginning I was full of energy and I was not fatigued because I usually don’t sleep early at night and I don’t get tired quickly. In the middle of the walk I got tired but not a lot especially when we sat down at the churches but when we started walking again I had a lot of energy and had no trouble with walking. At the end I got tired but I still had enough energy to finish of the walk and after the walk I started to appreciate Jesus and God more and I thank him for his sacrifice.

In the 2019 Good Friday walk I had many highlights, they happened when went to the different churches. At every church I person would y’all about their background, culture, experience and connection with God . After every stop and every person's story I felt like I was in a part of community where I can relate to everyone and also had a stronger connection with God.

Yes I would encourage other students to do the walk next year, the reason why is because I want them to go on that challenge just like Jesus did and how he sacrificed his life and how you can experience what he went through to show his love for us. Doing the walk has impacted my life for the better and next year I hope it can impact others.

-By John Toma (Year 10)

The Good Friday walk was both challenging and invigorating. The walk gave me time to reflect on my spiritual relationship with God as well as challenging my ability to keep going. It was an opportunity to feel pain that is incomparable to the measures that Jesus took to give me eternal life.

The beginning of the walk was quite overwhelming because of the diverse community that I was surrounded by and being around new people. The middle of the walk was probably where I struggled the most because it was way past my bedtime and my legs could barely go on anymore. The end consisted of the most heartfelt moments. Not only because it was the end of my pain but also because of how together, the Parramatta Diocese, joined to confess our faith and to worship our lord.

The Parramatta Cathedral had to be the most enjoyable event that highlighted my night. As we met with the other pilgrims that took the Gilford route, we were able to share our struggles and help each other reach our final destination. We joined together in the cathedral, lit candles and sang in harmony professing our love for God.

I would strongly encourage other young Christians who are looking for acceptance, looking for love to come and join us on this walk as it gives you time to find yourself within your faith as well as encouraging you to worship Jesus through your kindness and generosity to those in famine. Overall, it was a great experience and I can’t wait for the next time I get to journey with my community. - By Rasha Ali (Year 11)