Award System

The ‘The St Agnes Cup’ is a House structure that recognises and acknowledges student achievement and participation.

It also enhances community involvement within each of the houses, not only on the sporting field. Students will be recognised for all their achievements and be awarded points that will contribute to their house’s overall tally.

It is anticipated that this system will increase the sense of belonging to a particular group and encourage healthy competition amongst houses.

The St Agnes Cup commences Term 1, and follows through until Term 4 Week 5, to ensure all year groups are included in the final reward.

A series of competitions run on a regular basis throughout each term where all houses compete against each other in sporting, creative, cultural, culinary, and other areas across the school community.

Students and houses are awarded with points that contribute to the final tally, which determines the overall winning house. Student involvement in all aspects of the school community, including extracurricular, academic, sporting and community service are acknowledged with points being added to each student’s respective house.

At the end of the year the house with the most points will enjoy a reward day.


The St Agnes Cup