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St Agnes Catholic High School, Rooty Hill


St Agnes Catholic High School exists to assist members of our community to deepen their awareness that Jesus Christ and the Gospels are at the heart of their development, and that in faith and freedom they will journey to become complete, fully integrated persons.  As such, education is more than just what happens in a classroom, it is the process of contributing to a child’s overall development as a person. Education is a right of all students regardless of their differences. Equitable education of students at St Agnes “recognises and celebrates the dignity and worth of each person.
(St Agnes Vision Statement)

In all our endeavours we are guided by the values of hope, integrity, compassion, solidarity, and learning.
(St Agnes Vision Statement)

“All people of whatever race, condition or age, in virtue of their dignity as human persons, have an inalienable right to education. This education should be suitable to the particular destiny of individuals adapted to the ability, sex and natural cultural traditions…”
(Vatican II Documents, 1996)

The teaching of the Catholic Church states quite clearly that all people have the right to equitable education.

St Agnes Catholic High School is currently taking enrolments for Year 7, 2018. We also welcome new enrolment applications throughout the year for all secondary school grades Contact us today to obtain an enrolment package or to take a school tour. We welcome prospective families to discover what we can offer your child for their future education.



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  • Important Dates for 2018

    The Administration Office and Uniform Shop will be open during the week of 22 January 2018. Times are enclosed.
  • School Communication Channels

    How can you receive information about our school? There are many channels in which you can be kept up to date with news and events of St Agnes.
  • School Uniform

    A student’s sense of belonging and identity is aided by wearing a school uniform. Pride in the school is often demonstrated by the manner in which a student wears his/her school uniform. Parents will be contacted if the school uniform is not worn appropriately.

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