Year 9 RE Project Based Learning

Religion Project Based Learning

Over the past 5 weeks, Year 9 RE classes have embarked on our first Project Based Learning project for the “Images of Jesus” unit. Students have been working towards answering the PBL project driving question:

How can we as students of St Agnes Catholic High School create, present and explain a contemporary visual presentation of Jesus Christ , based on the Gospels, so that we can engage our St Agnes community to respond to Jesus’ question “Who do you say I am?”.

The learning has involved researching how art has evolved over time through the Byzantine, Baroque, Renaissance and contemporary art periods and how religious art and architecture were influenced by the historical and cultural events of that time. Students are answering this driving question through a personal image of Jesus that can either can done using ICT tools or more traditional forms of art making such as paint and charcoal and is deeply grounded by their reflections from the Gospels. Students have achieved this by using the Contemplating Scriptures guide that take them on a journey to understanding, interpreting and then visualising an answer to Jesus question “Who do you say I am?”.

As part of the PBL Project, an art exhibition of these artworks, known as ‘Christ Express’ will be open to our families, friends and community members on Friday, 24th August 2018. There are two sessions available to view these artworks and to meet the artists:

Session 1: 10.30 am to 11.30 am

Session 2: 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm

To RSVP for Christ Express, please contact the coordinator via email or call 8882 0700 to make your booking for one or both of the sessions by Tuesday, 21st August. These details are also available on the poster below. On behalf of the Year 9 RE teachers Mr Szczygiel, Mr Sadsad, Mrs Chapman and Ms Henderson, we look forward to showcasing the wonderful artworks of our students with you all.

Screen Shot 20180810 at 93651 am